QBSalesData: Quickbooks Link for ACT!

Billing Module (Add-on for QSalesData) - $99 per workstation


If you are running a consulting or service organization that struggles with entering and tracking your billable time, our QSalesData Billing Module is a perfect fit for your organization. You can track all of your billable time in ACT and then send all of your billing entries to QuickBooks as invoices when they are ready to bill.


Watch the QSalesData Billing Module Product Overview Video


Our 3-step process makes billing and invoicing from ACT and QuickBooks simple and easy:


#1: Quickly create billing entries in ACT! (WATCH VIDEO)


#2: Then, when you are ready to process your invoices, you can easily review a consolidated list of all of your billing entries in ACT and tag the ones that are Ready to Bill. (WATCH VIDEO)


#3: Once you have all of the appropriate entries tagged as "Ready to Bill", you can easily push all of those entries to QuickBooks as Invoices. (WATCH VIDEO)



INSTALLING THE QSALESDATA BILLING MODULE (30-day trial built into the product)


Close out of ACT and use the link below to download and install the QSalesData Billing Module. You want to do your initial install on a machine that has ACT, QuickBooks and QSalesData installed.


Download QSalesData Billing Module Version 10.0


Use the resources below to configure the QSalesData Billing Module in ACT. Use the Videos above to learn how to use the product.






Billing Module Pricing and Purchase Information


$99 per license (need a license for each workstation that needs to have Billing Module functionality)


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Annual Maintenance: Your first year of software maintenance is included in your license price. This gives you phone and email support for the product, as well as Billing Module updates throughout your first year as new versions of ACT and QuickBooks are released. After the first year, you will contacted annually to renew your maintenance ($18 per license) Maintenance renewal is recommended, but not mandatory. If you let your maintenance lapse, your QSalesData Billing Module program will still work as is, but you will not be able to apply any updates, or receive any phone or email support.